if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever 

This is cool! I match with Harry Potter, Alphonse Elric, Frodo, Raleigh Beckett, Wall-E and more!

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Cineplex News - Screenwriter Nicole Perlman gives us the scoop on Guardians, Marvel, and more! by Rachel West on July 25, 2014

I didn’t realize the screenwriter was a woman! Great read.

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I got that comic con, comic con sadness

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SDCC Avengers: Age of Ultron concept poster
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Honestly, Kevin Feige, you’re starting to annoy me

I don’t see why there can’t be a female Marvel movie and his blasé way of answering questions about it is really disrespectful to the fanbase that supports his studio. The only thing that should be holding him back from making a Black Widow movie is Scarlett Johannson’s pregnancy, but to act as though it’s not even in the realm of his dozens of planned movies is really unfair.

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the chronicles of nat and cat

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Anyone else excited about San Diego Comic Con? (x)