Heroes & Thieves -  Chapter 1 - Loki discovers Ellie is happy with Steve. 

Were his eyes cruelly deceiving him? Were his ears spinning torturous lies? No.

His mind was reeling, as visions of what he just witnessed replayed in his head over and over. His blood boiled, hotter than the fires birthed in the pits of hell.

It was an atrocity. The soldier wasspilling affection onto his beloved. And she accepted it, repaid it even.

The soldier. No, he was grossly unworthy.

Loki’s mind screamed with envy he had never before experienced. Demons he had long since buried broke free of their bonds, howling and writhing, laying claim to his heart once more.

Has she forgotten me? Has she forgotten my love, my devotion to her? That she would dare to betray me-that soldier, such a picture of trite morals, disgusting little-

He couldn’t string together even one coherent thought. The sounds of his heart beats were much too loud.

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